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Lenna Lux

Meet Lenna and her CREAMY size 5.5 soles! Lenna Lux is a local model RISING in popularity who I contacted IMMEDIATELY after discovering her profile. I sent Lenna a message explaining everything I wanted to do in a shoot with her. She responded that same day, we exchanged numbers then set up a shoot for the weekend. "I'm excited about this!" Said the mixed Asian/Latina beauty before hanging up. When we met up, I was taken back by her cute she was in person. Seeing the 18 year old beauty's youthful appearance up close did not disappoint me. Instead of taking pictures at a park or the home studio, I decided to switch my game up and do a brief public shoot at the supermarket.

After taking a few pictures in public, we went back to the home studio to continue our shoot......................................................................................................

Lenna's fun personality, midnight blue polished toes, and CREAMY SOLES made me ANXIOUS! I was ready to feel her hands on my hard dick as I sniffed her soles. Originally, I was going to have Lenna keep her clothes on BUT she FUCKED MY WORLD UP when she showed me her BEAUTIFUL BREASTS earlier during our shoot! For such a petite girl, she has some BIG titties. I told her I wanted to cum on her titties "Okay!" She said. Once we were in position, the petite beauty started GENTLY stroking my dick. I recognized how much SKILL Lenna had within the first TEN SECONDS of her rubbing my rod. Honestly, Lenna stroking me is one of the GREATEST feelings I've felt this year. I was in PARADISE! As I moaned, she giggled, KNOWING how SENSUAL her touch made me feel. The sight of Lenna's WARM naked body on top of mine as she stroked my dick while wiggling her toes on my nose was enough to keep me STIFF as a BRICK. "Hehehe!" Lenna giggled as I EXPLODED in her INCREDIBLY SOFT HANDS, on her BREASTS and her LEGS. "Wow! It got EVERYWHERE!" She said.


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