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Kylie & Lonnie

"KEEP GOING! You WILL find the right girls SOON!" I told myself as the sun started setting on Clearwater Beach. I had been there for most of the afternoon and had yet to find the spontaneous models I was looking for. By now I was thirsty, hungry and exhausted in both the mind and body. All of my bottles of water that I brought were empty and breakfast was the last meal I ate. By choice, I wasn't going to eat until I achieved my goal. 🐯 "Let's GO! You got this!" My high spirited mood was the only force moving me at this point. There were still a lot of people around so I had time. The vibes in Clearwater Beach are GOOD! When I approach women there, we have a friendly conversation that ends well. And when I see them again I say a few words and keep it moving. My apologies, I'm getting off track. Back to the story..."Just a little while longer..." I said as I continued my search for spontaneous foot models. A few moments later, I saw Kylie (right 🐾 10) and Lonnie (left 🐾 8.5) walking towards the water. I gasped 😱😮 "There is NO WAY those girls are here by themselves. They MUST be with some guy friends." The girls grabbed their things and started leaving. They were still alone so I walked their way. This sounds easy I know, but I worked on my courage throughout the day by talking to numerous girls already so by the time I approached Kylie and Lonnie, the conversation went smoothly. I'm not sure how often they get approached but they were two of the nicest girls I talked to that day. "You like our FEET!!?? 😂🤣 That's a FIRST!" 😊 Kylie laughed. I told the girls how much I liked their toes and the shape of their feet. I would occasionally look around to see people curiously watching our spontaneous foot shoot. When I asked them how comfortable they were, "We know a lot people out here so doing this in front of everyone is... different. Whatever! 😅" Check out their pictures in the Gallery


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