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Brooke & Paris

Hey, what are you up to these days? It's the middle of June and it's officially 🎶SUMMER SUMMER SUMMERTIME🎶 so it's best to get out and enjoy yourself while you can, if you can. I Am well aware of what is going on right now. Pandemics and protests! But between all of that I'm sure that you can take some time to LOVE and LIVE YOUR LIFE 👍😁 Remember, the world is YOURS. That's what we beachgoers understand. Clearwater Beach is THRIVING. CW is probably the most social place to be at the moment. No matter what day of the week you go, CW beach will provide you with TONS of SUN, social distancing signs and BEAUTIFUL SOLES from BEAUTIFUL WOMEN like Brooke (right 🐾 8) and Paris (left 🐾 8.5). After failing to set up a beach tent due to the wind blowing it down every 30 seconds, I set out to find some girls willing to pose their soles. Minutes later, I found Brooke and Paris happily talking amongst each other. The girls looked unapproachable at first but once I greeted them, my nervous feelings subsided after they smiled and said "Hello!" I sat down next to them. "Our FEET!!?? Hahaha! I have cute toes, see? I painted them myself." Said Paris, who looked like Nelly Furtado's younger sister. Check out the video below and the rest of their pictures in the Gallery


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