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SoleTiger's 2020 Spring Break Safari

Besides Winter, Spring and Summer are my FAVORITE seasons! No offense to you Fall babies but I enjoy my fun in sun! Spring comes first so I was looking forward to enjoying some zesty vibes, and what better place to go than Miami Beach! Since I had a few extra days off during the week, I took advantage of my freetime and drove down to southern Florida. Interestingly enough, I was about to stay home. "I don't care! I'm tired." I mumbled while rolling over in my bed as my alarm woke me. Then once my fatigue wore off, I got up and got out. The drive was a bit long and traffic was abundant, but I got to Miami right on time 😎 Once I pulled into a parking garage near Lincoln Road mall, I headed straight for the beach. I hadn't been to Miami in over a year so I was long overdue for a SOLETIGER SPRING BREAK SAFARI. I walked through the beautifully crowded beach, nervously scanning for approachable girls that would say "yes" to spontaneously modeling their feet. Then I saw Maria (left 🐾 7) and Maria (right 🐾 8) ☺ Yes, they are BOTH named Maria. The girls looked graceful as they talked and laughed amongst each other. 💥🐯💥 My "SoleTiger Senses" were tingling as I sat down next to them. The friendly cuties were visiting from Europe for Spring Break. "I get a lot of compliments on my feet!" Said Maria (left). "Model your feet, girl because yours are CUTE!" Her friend (right) encouraged. After a few minutes, BOTH girls became INSTANT foot models!

I thanked both Maria & Maria then continued walking on the beach. I moved closer to the water so I could refresh my steps in the ocean. But before I could reach the water, "Whoa, who are they??" I wasted no time sitting down next to Seirra (left 🐾 8) and Paulina (right 🐾 6) who were visiting Florida while on their break from school. 😂 "This is different!" Said Seirra. The girls went above and BEYOND to prepare for the spontaneous photo shoot because they got into the water to clean their feet off, how thoughtful 😄👍 They both look like models!

"Hopefully we helped you out, we'll be looking for our pictures!" Said Seirra and Paulina as I got up and left the girls to enjoy the remainder of their day. I arrived in Miami in the late afternoon so I didn't have as much time as I desired. The sun was slowly going down. I continued to walk and approach several groups of girls who would pass on the photo opportunity then giggle as I walked off. After more time went by, the sky gradually changed from blue to pink. The sun was hidden behind some evening clouds. The beach was starting to look more empty. "I have enough time for one more photo shoot." I told myself. All of a sudden, I saw two beautiful Latinas having the time of their lives while dancing to some music they were playing. Without hesitation, I walked up to Augustina (left🐾8) and Laura (right🐾6.5). "Haha! You think our FEET are the ONLY thing sexy about us???" The girls playfully teased me in their Spanish accents. I was slightly intimidated by NOT ONLY their BEAUTY but their CONFIDENCE and how easygoing the girls were. I became somewhat bashful while asking for pictures of their soles but Augustina and Laura were empathetic! "You came ALL THE WAY to MIAMI to take pictures of FEET!!??" The girls were photogenic and patient which made my time with them awesome. "Since you came down here to Miami for this, I KNOW you're PASSIONATE! God will bless you if you keep working hard!" Said Laura. 🤩 I took those words to heart, thanked both girls then walked off as the sun went down. By the way, Laura is in PHENOMENAL shape, I wonder how many sit ups she does everyday? 🤔

Spring Break is still here! Amidst all of the chaos, people are still going outside and enjoying everything that Florida has to offer. I planned on heading back down to Miami for another round of the "SoleTiger Spring Break Safari", yet due to the Corona pandemic closing a lot of the areas down, I didn't want to take my chances with a drive that long so I went to the beach in my backyard, Clearwater! CW beach isn't closing until next week so I made it my mission to get to the Sand & Sun, ASAP. It was definitely a beach day with 88 degree weather and blue skies. Spring Break was in FULL EFFECT! It seemed as though everyone at the beach didn't let anything get in the way of their fun. You couldn't even tell the world was in a HUGE panic! I stepped onto the delicate sand and immediately spotted Bella (left 🐾 6) and Hailey (right 🐾 7). These attractive spring breakers looked like they didn't want to be bothered, yet when I approached the girls they were more than willing to spontaneously pose their soles!

"We just want to enjoy the rest of our Spring Break." said Hailey when I asked the girls what they thought of the current Corona crisis as we wrapped up our shoot. I got up and started looking for the next group of approachable girls. After a few minutes I spotted three Blonde friends visiting from up North. Cheetah (left 🐾6.5), Red (center 🐾 8.5), and Green (right🐾7.5). "There's NOTHING to do at home! Everything is CLOSED and people are staying inside. It's also snowing, so Florida is the place to be right now! The girls told me. They laughed at the idea of me wanting to take pictures of their feet before deciding to become spontaneous foot models.

I was ON A ROLL 🔥🔥🔥 and NOTHING COULD STOP ME... except MYSELF! As I made my way around the beach I felt a SUDDEN drop in courage. The voice in my head went from 😄👍 to 😒 in a matter of minutes! "That's it for today, you're going to be looking CRAZY out here if you keep taking pictures of FEET. Then no one else will model for you." 😩😰😔 A random tidal wave of pessimism hit me! But these negative emotions were familiar, having experienced them several times throughout my journey. IMMEDIATELY, I reassured myself that things were going as planned and before I knew it I spotted three beautiful open minded looking girls harmoniously enjoying their time under the sun. Without hesitation I walked up to them. Almost instantly, AquaGirl (left🐾10), FlowerGirl (middle🐾7) and PowerGirl (right🐾6) became SPONTANEOUS SoleTiger Spring Break Safari Foot Models!

🐯 Thank You! For attending this year's SoleTiger Safari. A SPECIAL thanks goes to all of the girls who brought my visions to fruition. Clearwater Beach is officially CLOSED so unfortunately Spring Break has ended early. So far, 2020 has been a turbulent year. Although witnessing the start of the new decade is a BLESSING, this blessing must be acknowledged, gratefully accepted, and maintained. Appreciating your LIFE is the BEST way to live. If you woke up today, be THANKFUL! If you're still breathing, be THANKFUL! If you're following my page, be THANKFUL! 😄👍 We are being tested on how much LOVE and LIGHT we will bring into the world this coming decade. Even with all of the chaos, THIS is the BEST ERA to live in. What a time to be ALIVE!!!


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