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Mistress Gia Love

Meet Gia and her size 7.5 feet. She's a fetish model with such a unique style. We had so much fun during our shoot, this session is easily one of my favorites! She's the type of girl that doesn't give a f* What made our shoot even cooler was that we smoked some gas before we started which was something I hadn't done with any other model before. Without getting into a ton of details, our shoot went from mild to wild! Let's just say that I had a "blast". Too bad the first 30 pictures we took mysteriously disappeared from my camera. Oh well, I'm glad all of the videos remained. We had so much fun during our shoot, this session is easily one of my favorites! During her interview, I was trying not to lose my cool as she wiggled and spread her sweaty toes right in my face. All I was thinking about is how sweaty they must be. Not to worry, because I smelled them for myself and find out that she happened to have some of the STINKIEST feet I've sniffed! Instant Boner!

As soon as I smelled Gia's feet during her interview, I was throbbing! Needless to say, I was ready to get sensual with her. I'm a professional person, so I prefer to gradually get closer to the girls I work with rather than spring my sexual advances on them right away... Sometimes haha. They're models on camera yet they are ladies and should be treated as such... Sometimes haha. What I'm saying is that we recorded a few more clips before she jerked me. By the time we got to this scene, I was so ready for her to feel my warm goods... Especially on her big beautiful breasts! I told her "I want to cum right here on your titties". She said "Okay then I'll go topless"... Instant boner! I couldn't wait to feel her hands stroking my dick. I told myself that I was going to last as long as I could. I didn't want to cum too fast though! Lol. After about five minutes of getting the camera angle and position right, we were ready for action. I made her get into a cowgirl-like position so she'can easily jerk me and I can explode on her as much as possible. She's practically almost on top of me but laying back. Gia starts by pouring some lube on my dick as I'm smelling her sweaty feet. It doesn't take long for me to get hard, especially feeling her ultra soft gentle hands slowly stroking my cock. One of the greatest sensations ever. She then starts smothering me with her soles, switching techniques and using both hands. At this point I'm on rock solid mode and I can't wait to burst all over her. It felt like a professional dick massage...Lol. Surprisingly, after lasting over five minutes, I felt myself getting closer to an orgasm so I had Gia sit up so her titties would almost be hugging my dick. Her feet were so sweaty and smelly and her hands felt so good that I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I held her feet in a position that would be most enjoyable for me. She kept spreading her toes in my face and saying "You wanna cum on my big titties?". I could't take it anymore and exploded all over her, getting some cum on her beautiful big breasts. Mission accomplished! Easily one of the best handjobs I've ever had. Look at her photos on the Pictures page. Also, check out her videos on the TV page.


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