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Trick-or-Treat, Show Your Feet!

Halloween is a lot of people's favorite autumn celebration. Some are able to let their inner freak come out for one night without fear of being judged. For the most part anything goes and this gives people an excuse to partake in activities they normally would stay away from in everyday life. When I was a child, I was THRILLED to go trick-or-treating and fill my sack with plenty of flavorful candy! Now that I'm an adult, I go trick-or-treating for other things on Halloween! After leaving work around 10 pm I went home, dressed fairly, groomed myself and headed downtown.

Characters were EVERYWHERE! The streets were crowded with fun loving people dressed in their creative costumes. There was no drama, just good vibes. I felt at ease almost instantly. It was trick-or-treating time! I started asking girls if I could take pictures of them in their costumes......................................................................................................................

I was having a lot of success getting pictures, but no feet yet. "This isn't as easy as I thought it would be." I told myself as I was starting to give up hope. Then out of nowhere, I spotted Mistress Gia Love! She is a fetish model I worked with a few years ago. Check out her videos on the TV page. Gia is the type of person to do eccentric things so it was no surprise that she was dressed in a costume since she does that every day! Still, I was happy and shocked to see her. We hadn't seen each other in a while so I wasn't sure if she would recognize me. "What's up Gia, remember me?" I smoothly walked up next to her while she was with her friends going to a bar. At first she thought I was someone else until I showed her my IG page. "OH!!!! Hey!!!" The Cuban cutie finally figured out who I was. She told me how much more popular she has gotten and expressed interest in working together in the future. "I'd like to get some pictures of you and your feet." I told Mistress Gia. "Sure!" She said and started posing.

"That's it for now." The Cuban cutie said after popping her sweaty sole out of her sneaker. I know it must have smelled SUPER STINKY because I remember how SMELLY her feet were during our shoot. I thanked Gia and we parted ways soon after.

My night got better after the random encounter with Mistress Gia Love. Meeting her was a good sign that more success was on the way. I was looking forward to finding my next random Halloween foot model...And THERE she was! A BEAUTIFUL Latina woman was sitting down on the sidewalk resting her nylon covered feet with her shoes off. Immediately, I sat down next to her and asked if I could take pictures of her feet. "Go ahead." She answered.

We held a brief conversation before her friend arrived with pizza. I thanked the Latina beauty and let the girls enjoy their dinner.

The night was still young as more people showed up to the MASSIVE Halloween costume party downtown. There was SO MUCH POTENTIAL that it was a bit overwhelming. Two girls in particular caught my eye. One girl had on a gypsy outfit and the other wore a skeleton mask that covered her mouth. Both girls were beautiful and seemed approachable so I walked up to them and asked to take some photos.....................................................

Gypsy's feet look gorgeous in her sandals so I complimented her toes and asked to take photos of those as well. "You wanna take pictures of my FEET!!?? Haha they're probably dirty but okay!!! Do you have a FOOT FETISH or something?" Gypsy asked as she sat down and slipped off her sandals, revealing her CREAMY SOLES. "How did you know!??" I answered jokingly.


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