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Sydney! No, not the city in Australia but the golden blonde haired girl I met at the supermarket. I couldn't help but approach her while she was pushing her cart in the sugar aisle. "Are you telling me your story?" She smiled as I complimented her size 7 feet which were in her fashionable sandals. Sydney's bright blue eyes listened intently to everything I said. Not ONCE did she break eye contact with me. It was attractive how confident she seemed. I, on the other hand was focused on not saying anything stupid while looking away several times. Sydney told me to work on looking people in the eyes more often and limiting the fidgeting. She is only 22 but has the wisdom of an experienced adult. To this day I still can't figure out how she saw through my motives. I nicknamed her "Goldilocks". Based on the picture you can guess why. "I get that all the time!" She responded. We moved to the empty shoe section to take pictures then as soon as we started our shoot, people showed up out of nowhere looking to buy shoes.


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