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Finding women online is a clever way to recruit new talent. The internet is full of girls fishing for new hobbies. That's how I was able to meet 20 year old Colombian cutie Stefanie and her gorgeous size 7 feet. Last Wednesday I put out an ad seeking random female volunteers for foot videos. Nothing about a foot fetish was stated in my ad. A day later I got an e-mail from Stefanie inquiring about the opportunity I posted. Anxiously I replied with more details and my phone number. She text me that night asking about my availability then we set up a time to shoot on Monday. Talking on the phone is a huge reassurance for me, especially if I don't know what the girl looks like. The first time I tried to call, it rang until a voicemail answering machine was reached. I didn't leave one. She text me a few minutes later saying that she was working. I responded with more details about the shoot and requested a picture of her feet. She replied that she would send it when she got home. I didn't receive a picture the following two days. On Sunday, the day before our shoot, I text Stefanie to get some confirmation. She responded that things were still on and I asked for a picture again. No answer this time. I was a little skeptical yet decided to go with the flow. I respected her space and remembered how busy she probably was. Patience is VERY IMPORTANT when it comes to dealing with women. Although Stef and I had very little communication, I did NOT call or text her a million times, showing extreme neediness. If I would have done that, she probably wouldn't have wanted to meet up. I was also prepared to walk away if necessary. The morning of our shoot, I woke up to a picture that Stef sent of her feet and an apology for her tardiness. Dazed, I responded that I was looking forward to the shoot and asked if she was going to arrive at the time we agreed on. She said yes then I sent my address. ​

When Stefanie arrived at my house, I was astonished at how beautiful she was! And to make things even better, she wore flats! It was at that moment I knew our time together would be awesome! I fell in love with her feet during our first brief photo shoot. The Colombian cutie has some of the most curvy, plump, soft feet I've had the pleasure of photographing. I kept wondering how they smelled and couldn't wait to sniff her delicate soles. Keep in mind that she still had no idea this was a foot fetish shoot...Lol! After the pictures it was time to get those juicy soles on video! During her candid soles interview, (which can be seen on the TV page) as soon as Stef slipped her flats off I shocked her with a shoe sniffing. Caught completely off guard, the Latina hottie laughed nervously. She didn't freak out or even ask if I had a foot fetish. I ended up telling her about my fetish later in the video. Furthermore, Stef revealed to me that one day while she was out with her sister, some random guys offered her $20 to suck her toes! She was about to take the men up on that deal until her sis stopped her. After hearing that story, I became a lot more comfortable opening up my fetish to Stefanie. Thoughts of smelling her feet then plagued my mind like crazy. Nearing the end of her interview, I couldn't take it anymore and finally did the sniff test. The Colombian cutie's world was shaken again as she giggled while wiggling her toes on my nose. My boner was about to rip through my pants at that moment. Those creamy soles instantly hooked me with their pleasantly sweet and sweaty aroma! Immediately, my day was made better! ​

I could tell our shoot was going well and that Stefanie seemed to be enjoying herself. Surely at this point she was aware of my foot fetish so I took things a bit further and told her we would be recording a clip of me smelling her feet. She said okay without hesitation! That shocked me a bit because I didn't think she would agree to it so fast. Super Saiyan Boner! Barely able to contain my excitement, I set up the camera at an ideal angle. Before we started recording, I told her to sit on my bed and act like she was on her phone when I sniffed her feet. I made sure she knew to wiggle her toes as well. Once the camera was rolling, I went right to work those sweet soles! Check the clip out on the TV page. It's called "Stef's Sole Sniffer". The sole sniffer clips are among my favorite to record. They're also good sellers in my Clips4Sale studio. Stefanie's right foot had a stronger aroma than her left. When I told her that, she stated that her right foot was the dominant one. I found that both amusing and intriguing. After a few minutes of enjoying the scent of Stef's soles, I was ready to taste them so with the camera still recording, I handed it to her and told the Colombian cutie that I'd be introducing her to foot worship. I then briefly kissed and licked her soles from top to bottom. Stefanie's reaction was priceless as she wasn't expecting to have her feet worshiped at all! Still, she stayed calm. ​I'm grateful that I was able to share some personal moments with such an open minded girl. View her photos on the Pictures page. Also, check out her videos on the TV page.


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