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South Beach Safari

Miami Beach is one of the BEST places to experience NONSTOP Spring Break fun! The most famous city in Florida has a fun loving party vibe all year round. Pair that with constant sunny weather and you have an AWESOME vacation destination! I visited Miami Beach previously with my friends and saw SO MUCH FOOT POTENTIAL with BEAUTIFUL girls of all ethnicities prancing around in flip flops and bikinis enjoying their much needed time off from school. It was at that moment when I decided Miami would be the HOT SPOT for my South Beach Safari. I wouldn't be going alone this time nor would I be tagging along with my friends. Instead, I reached out to one of my mentors and veteran foot fetish producer "Jedi of the Feet", creator and webmaster of the popular site

Jedi and I had been emailing each other for about a year before actually meeting up. He was one of the first people I went to for help with starting my website and getting tips on being a foot photographer. His advice is STELLAR. I HIGHLY recommend not only asking him for help but also watching his content because you will learn how to shoot like a PRO. Every girl he works with seems to be completely comfortable around him and yet most of them are TOTALLY NEW to the foot fetish world so they don't really know what to expect. Anyone who can approach RANDOM girls in the street who don't know you and get them to come to your house for a foot worship session is a LEGIT foot fetish producer in my opinion. Jedi has been in business for 16 YEARS and counting so he knows EXACTLY what he's doing!

Jedi doesn't live far from Miami so inviting him to join me during my South Beach Safari was a sensible decision. We initially met up in February for the Florida Renaissance Festival with a group of his friends. I showed him some of my work and we went over different approach techniques. Meeting Jedi in person was a PIVOTAL point in my life. Here is a guy I used to watch videos of years ago thinking he was the LUCKIEST person in the world and now we are sharing laughs and stories face to face.

There were college and university students, tourists, and locals on every corner of South Beach. "Prepare to be overwhelmed." Jedi told me as we made our way through the dense crowds on Ocean Drive. He pointed at two girls on their phones standing outside of a store. "I like that pose their feet are in." He told me one of his favorite poses is when girls stand with they're ankles crossed, revealing the sole of their foot. I said "Alright, I'll go get them." And without hesitation made my way to where the South Beach beauties were standing. Their names are Patty (right) and Jade (left). The girls were handing out flyers for the store they were in front of. Immediately I complimented their feet and asked them to pose for the portfolio. They agreed to modeling their size 9 feet and became the FIRST FOOT MODELS for my SOUTH BEACH SAFARI.

So far my Spring Break South Beach Safari was off to a GREAT start! Patty and Jade had to return to work so I thanked the girls for their participation and walked towards the beach in search of my next models. At the beach walk I approached a beautiful girl wearing roller blades but she passed up the opportunity to foot model so I moved on. Three minutes later, I spotted two girls (Kelly left size 8 & Katherine right size 9) sitting down on the grass. I wasted no time starting a conversation with Kelly, complimenting her feet. She could sense what I wanted so the Brunette beauty said "If you're asking to take pictures of my feet then go ahead." Katherine was on the phone but hung up a few minutes later and joined the fun!

During the spontaneous foot shoot with Kelly and Katherine, a lady approached us asking for signatures in support of a decent petition. Sure, why not? I signed the paper and bid farewell to the friends who briefly became South Beach Safari foot models. I continued strolling along the beach walk. Everyone seemed like they were in a good mood. The atmosphere was calming. Positive vibes were all around, blessing me with optimistic feelings. MOTIVATION rather than desperation, COURAGE instead of anxiety, POWER instead of fear. I used those feelings when I approached a SEXY Arab student who was waiting for her friend. She was enjoying her break from school located in Canada. The brown haired beauty was in a GREAT mood which mildly surprised me since she looked unapproachable at first. She agreed to posing her size 8 soles for the South Beach Safari portfolio!

The weather in South Beach was so nice it couldn't possibly rain, or could it? Michaela (size 7) and her friend were leaving the beach when I approached the girls and asked for pictures of their feet. "Sure!" Said Michaela with a smile. I could tell she wasn't a Florida native due to her SUPER FRIENDLY personality (no offense to my fellow Floridians haha). Now, the weather in South Beach was SO NICE it couldn't possibly rain, or would it? Yep! It started pouring during the middle of Michaela's shoot, preventing her friend from becoming a South Beach Safari foot model.

My South Beach Safari gave me a true taste of Miami. Jedi said he marveled at how well I did, stating that I was like a stork skimming the water for fish. The girls were PLENTIFUL and the energy was GOOD so I had to take full advantage of the countless opportunities. Jedi explains our trip in great detail on his blog. I'm HAPPILY looking forward to my next SPRING BREAK SOUTH BEACH SAFARI.


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