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Shannon & Melissa

Sunday is one of my FAVORITE days of the week! I call it the calm before the Monday Storm. Usually the weather is perfect for doing whatever you shopping, playing basketball, going out to eat with your friends or finding random foot models. I did the latter and made my way downtown, FEELING and LOOKING good! While I was walking through the city not long after I had arrived, these two beauties (Shannon - left size 8 & Melissa - right size 5) caught my attention as they were heading my way. "Wow! They're SUPER cute!" I said nervously as the girls drew closer. They were wearing sunglasses and dressed like hot unapproachable reality TV stars from California but I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip, especially since they were wearing sandals. I calmly complimented the girls and asked to take pictures of their feet. "Sure, okay!" Said Melissa. Shannon agreed as well. The girls became INSTANT FOOT MODELS! Look at their photos on the Pictures page.


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