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Shann & Micella

Shann (left size 7.5) and Micella (right size 7) were skating through the city when I saw them about to cross the street. "Cool longboards! What is yours called?" I pointed to Micella's board which was considerably shorter than her friend's. "It's called a penny board." Answered the gorgeous Ecuadorian native. The girls were dressed like they were from a different state. They're playful clothing style made them look free spirited and open minded. Also both of the cuties wore VANS which made me anxious to see them take their shoes off. "I like my feet!" Said Shann in her European accent. "Yeah, so do I." Micella agreed. 60 seconds later the girls had their SHOES OFF and SOCKED FEET in front of my camera! Then later during our shoot, Shann and Micella removed their socks revealing their BEAUTIFUL SOFT PINK and GOLDEN SOLES! Check out their photos on the Pictures page.


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