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Return To Miami

I had such a good time in Miami during my Spring Break "South Beach Safari" that I decided to visit again. I made sure to check the weather the day before so I wouldn't get caught in some random rain like last time. The next morning I woke up early and packed my camera along with some other essentials, hopped in my car and made the 4 hour drive down to Miami. After putting my car in a parking garage, I made my way to the beautiful beach. While I was walking on the bridge I saw two Latina girls and one guy leaving the area. The girls were gorgeous and didn't look like either of them were with the guy so I approached them and asked for pictures of their feet. One of the girls agreed to a spontaneous foot shoot and her name was Lidiane. The Brazilian beauty sat down and posed her size 7.5 feet for my camera. It was a PERFECT day for the beach. And meeting Lidiane made that perfect day even BETTER. The Brazilian beauty LOVES attention so that's probably why she let me take pictures of her feet. I gave her my Instagram and thanked Lidiane for posing her soles.

I left the beach and walked along the strip, passing by numerous restaurants. That's when I saw Shy. The CAPTIVATING beauty was sitting like THIS at a restaurant when I noticed her as I walked by. Her soles were BEAUTIFUL and made my heart beat FAST. IMMEDIATELY, I stopped and asked if I could take a picture of her. She smiled and said "Sure!"

The sun went down in Miami before I knew it. After a day of fun I was ready to call it a night. That was UNTIL a girl wearing Birkenstocks caught my eye. She let me take pictures of her toes, but wouldn't take her shoes off. We parted ways and I was turning to walk back the way I came when I saw Lia sitting in front of a store. "Wow! She's cute as F*CK!" I told myself as I approached the Latina beauty. I could tell English was not her first language. She later told me she was Cuban. "Everything in Miami is Cuban." Lia said after I guessed her ethnicity wrong. She liked the idea of me taking pictures of her! So much so that she started posing without me asking! The Cuban cutie didn't really understand what was going on until I showed her my page. "You like FEET!!?? Haha! You're funny!" Lia giggled, flashing her BEAUTIFUL smile. When I showed the Latina HOTTIE the pics I took of her, she LOVED them and wanted to take MORE 🐾 7.5


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