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Meet Penelope and her SLENDER size 7 soles. I approached her as soon as her style caught my attention! When I asked to take pictures of her feet, she happily agreed! After taking some photos, I pressed record on my camera and told her we would conduct a "30 Second Interview". During the interview I asked Penelope about her thoughts on feet and foot fetishes. It didn't take long before thoughts of smelling her BEAUTIFUL SOFT SLENDER SOLES plagued my mind.

As a consistent risk taker I'm also all for CALCULATED RISKS so if I'd like smell a girl's feet, I'll tell her BEFORE actually doing it. I've been in trouble for my impulses in the past so for me, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Now, there's nothing wrong with bending the truth as long as no one is harmed or your personal morals aren't compromised. If you have watched my public spontaneous clips then you know how I go about sniffing and massaging. Instead of asking her, I told Penelope that I'd have to see how her feet smelled. My sniff attempt was unsuccessful. After a few more questions, we wrapped up her interview and parted ways.


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