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Olivia Kasady

Meet Olivia and her SOFT and SMELLY size 6 feet! She's a bubbly 21 year old who LOVES having her feet pampered. During her interview, I asked Olivia questions about her feet and the fetish experiences she's had. She also showed off her STINKIEST shoes! I told her to get her feet SWEATY as possible for our shoot so the Blondie came to the studio wearing converse sneakers with nylon ankle socks which I believed made her feet 10x SWEATIER! Of course, I smelled them during her interview and they didn't disappoint! I LOVED sniffing her PALE SOLES while she wiggled her blue toes in my face!

Next to feet, there's nothing I love more than money, warm pussy and soft hands! Oh, Olivia! That girl has the touch of an angel! While recording "Sole Sniffer", I was envisioning her small soft manicured hands stroking my throbbing dick while my face was under her sweaty pale soles. And...that's just what happened! First, We start off side by side with both of her feet on my face. Once she started stroking it...Instant Boner! I was rock hard immediately. My dick kept pulsing in her beautiful hands because her touch just felt that incredible. I didn't care if I came early, I was going to show her how great it felt. After a few minutes, I had her get into my favorite cowgirl like position and she continued, switching hands and techniques. After about 8 minutes while she was gently stroking me with both hands, I exploded all over her sexy sky blue polished fingers. "That was a good popshot!" the blue eyed beauty said as my cum dripped off her hands. Definitely one of the top 5 hand jobs I've had.

After giving her a foot massage, Olivia returned the favor by giving me one of the BEST foot jobs I've had in a WHILE. She started by gripping my dick with her SEXY sky blue polished toes as I poured aloe vera oil on them. After a brief toe job, Olivia made a BBC sandwich by placing my THROBBING ROD between her hands and feet while stroking it. Her soles are SO soft, I THOUGHT I CAME a little bit during that technique. I could tell this wasn't her first foot job. Later after some arch fucking, I couldn't hold it anymore and RELEASED MY LOAD on her sexy toes. In a cute porn star voice, the bubbly 21 year old said "Oh yeah, cum on my feet!"


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