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Notes From New York

God spoke to me last week. He said "Go to New York." I hadn't been there before and had planned on going earlier this year but didn't get around to doing it. A trip to NYC was kind of random and last minute but I booked a flight and a few days later I was boarding a plane to New York City. "This is gonna to be DOPE!" I kept saying to myself. I was looking forward to visiting the MOST POPULAR city in America. "Remember all of the tourist things you want to do? Yeah... that's not happening. Go to Manhattan and find some RANDOM foot models. You will still see some of New York, but this will NOT be a vacation" Said God. "It will be done." I said to Him. Upon leaving Penn Station and arriving in Manhattan, I was taken back by how REAL the city was. It looks EXACTLY how it does on TV and the movies, except BIGGER and BETTER! Me seeing New York City for the first time was an undescribable feeling of BLISS and SHOCK. It was a bit overwhelming in a good way. People there walked with a PURPOSE and looked like they didn't want to be bothered but had no problem giving me directions when I asked. After briefly walking past Times Square I made my way to Central Park. That's where I met Martina. The Italian dancer was sitting at a bench when I approached and started talking to her. I was expecting Martina to blow me off before I even got a few words in but she didn't mind me sitting next to her. Soon after our convo started, I complimented her sneakers and asked to take pictures of her size 9 feet. "Sure" The European beauty said with a smile.

I worked up an appetite with all of the walking I did, especially since I hadn't eaten since my flight. After a lengthy visit at a pizza shop I felt recharged. Cold Gatorade never tasted SO GOOD! After leaving the restaurant, I walked a few blocks and saw Heidi. She was dressed like a fashion designer / intern. "Damn, she looks dope!" I thought to myself. I was a bit hesitant because of her high status demeanor. I understand how intimidating it can be to approach certain women, especially if they are dressed to kill. Then I said to myself "Hey! I Am HIGH STATUS! Now get over there and stop being scared!" I approached the Blonde beauty and when I told her that I took pictures of feet, she said "That's COOL!" Heidi was waiting for an interview but she made time for a brief SPONTANEOUS FOOT SHOOT!

I met some cool guys at the hotel I was staying that night. One of them was from Oregon and the other was from England. They were both pretty good with women too. It was awesome how natural they were at talking to people. No forced egos or shaming others. We had drinks that night with another group of people from Ireland who were also cool people as well. EVERYONE that night was cool! The following day my friends from Oregon and England went to the Statue of Liberty and other tours. I still had work to do so I went on my own tour. It was late on the afternoon and I planned on visiting Times Square again in the evening since I only previously caught a glimpse of it the other day. I asked a local for directions and he said I was 40 blocks away. He suggested I take the bus. "Thanks" I told him. It was a straight walk without any turns. I like to walk so I didn't mind taking my time. Besides, I would miss out on all of the foot potential if I rode the bus. I started walking. After a little while I stopped to buy a cold Gatorade and sit down on a bench. As I finished up my drink, a BEAUTIFUL foreign girl walked past me. The sandals she wore showed off her GORGEOUS DARK POLISHED TOES. "GOOD GOD who's THAT girl!!!???" I downed the rest of my Gatorade and quickly walked after her. She was about 100 feet in front of me then she stopped to look at some artwork that was for sale. Without hesitation, I approached and asked to take pictures of the foreign beauty's feet.

I made my way deeper into downtown Manhattan. The traffic grew bigger and the people walked faster. Times Square was only about 10 blocks away. I also noticed the sky was turning gray. "Not now, PLEASE don't rain now!" I didn't have an umbrella, just my camera. Every girl I saw was walking 90 miles an hour so if I didn't catch them at a crosswalk they were gone and believe me when I say GONE. I spent most of my energy exploring earlier and not to mention the 40 blocks I walked on top of that so I was in no condition to chase anyone. But a SEXY Blonde beauty in front of me caught my eye. She was taking her time. I could tell she lived in New York because of how comfortable she looked. She knew exactly where she was going but was in no rush to get there. The green eyed Blonde wore a thin summer dress and sandals that showed off her cute toes. "LORD have MERCY she is GORGEOUS! I would LOVE to see her feet!!!" I prayed. She was OOZING SEX APPEAL without even trying! She had headphones on but that didn't stop me from facing her when I caught up to her at the crosswalk. The Russian beauty took out her headphones when she saw me. "Can I take some pictures of your feet?" I asked. "Okay!" Anna said with a smile. What's it for?" The Blonde beauty asked. There was a SUBTLE Russian accent in her voice when she spoke that I found IMMENSELY ATTRACTIVE. I told her what I do and before she knew it, Anna's BARE SOLES were in a SPONTANEOUS PUBLIC FOOT SHOOT IN THE MIDDLE OF NEW YORK CITY!

Times Square is a MAJOR commercial intersection, entertainment center and a POPULAR tourist attraction in New York City. You've seen it in movies, TV shows and YouTube travel vlogs (If you're into those). I made sure to visit the LIVELY Theatre District while in Manhattan. Times Square is nice during the day, but it truly SHINES at NIGHT. I was ENAMORED by the GIANT ILLUMINATED ADVERTISEMENTS. Although it was 8:30 PM, the VIBRANT lights made the center of Times Square look more like noon. There were costume characters, rappers selling CD's and the most people I have seen in one place thus far. "It would be nice to get some pictures here." I told myself. Doing a spontaneous foot shoot in Times Square was a goal that I was not sure would happen... until I saw two GORGEOUS nude women taking pictures with tourists. ONLY in New York. "Oh FUCK!!!" I said. "It would be SWEET to see their FEET!!!" After disappearing for a few minutes I thought the girls had left. "NOOOO!!!" Then they reappeared and I wasted no time approaching them even though I had butterflies in my stomach. "Hey! Can I take pictures of your feet?" I asked. "Okay!" Said Girl 1 (left). "You wouldn't mind taking your shoes off would you?" I then asked the girls. "Are you kidding!!!??? Hell yeah! I'm taking these shoes OFF!!!" Answered Girl 2 (right). The beautiful brunettes removed their shoes and started posing for a PUBLIC FOOT SHOOT in the HEART OF TIMES SQUARE!!!


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