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"I like your necklace!" Said the beautiful brown haired girl after I started conversation with her male friend. She was referring to a small cross I wear that has a treble cleff on the front and a prayer for God written on the back. The treble cleff is a popular symbol associated with music. The students (Who were not boyfriend and girlfriend) seemed like nice people before I even met them so I struck up a conversation about the camera the guy was holding as I walked by the two. "Are you a music major?" The girl asked. I told her I practiced music in the past but was not currently pursuing it. The brown haired cutie told me she was in fact a music major so I nicknamed her Music (kind of lame, I know 😅) She was absolutely gorgeous! The long brown hair flowed down her back as her hazel colored eyes shined in The Sun. Her sandals caught my attention from a distance before formally introducing myself. When I complimented Music's shoes, her eyes widened. She knew EXACTLY what was on my mind. "Do you wanna take pictures of my feet?" She asked. Her cute size 5 feet were BEGGING to be photographed. "Yes, I would." I said with a smile. "Okay! What do you want me to do?" Music's SPONTANEOUS FOOT SHOOT began!

Music was a little self conscious about her size 5 feet before we met. I'm sure that changed when we had our brief shoot. Hopefully she loves her feet a lot more now!


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