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Mistress Tempted

Mistress Tempted is a local foot model with MESMERIZING size 9 soles! The moment I saw her social media accounts, I felt COMPELLED to reach out to the Cuban beauty for a shoot! Thank GOD she responded back in time because I don't know how I would have made it through the rest of the year without meeting with her. That may sound like a bit much BUT The fact that Mistress Tempted has NATURAL BEAUTY, an OPEN MINDED PERSONALITY, AND GORGEOUS FEET makes her RARE. I sent the Latina beauty a message stating everything I wanted to do in our shoot. It took her almost a week to respond, making me think she didn't want to meet up. Finally, she responded to my email and we set up a day to shoot. Upon seeing her for the first time I realized how TALL she was (5'11). We met in public at the mall and took some photos at the bookstore. While we were walking around, people COULD NOT HELP BUT STARE AT HER. 😂 I don't blame them. I know she must have noticed the attention. it must be her ♏ because she can bring the animal out in anyone. She certainly did with me 🐯

Then to the home studio we went......................................................................................

I'm calling it NOW.... Mistress Tempted will be the one of the most POPULAR foot fetish models in about a year! If she sticks with it and keeps working, she'll be at the TOP! The Mistress isn't afraid of meeting people nor does she hold out when it comes to pleasing people and giving them what they desire! From start to finish, my shoot with Mistress Tempted was EXCITING and FULFILLING! Speaking of which, she gave me a REMARKABLE FOOTJOB! The feeling of my BIG BLACK DICK between her CREAMY PINK TOES and SOLES was UNFORGETTABLE. The more I fucked her feet, the HARDER I got! One of my FAVORITE parts of the footjob was when I was fucking her soles, she would pause for a brief moment with my dick between her arches and wiggle her toes. While my PRECUM OOZED, I MOANED in appreciation and told her I LOVED when she did that. The Mistress would repeat that action EVERY TIME from then on. I wanted to cum on her toes so she wrapped them around my dick a gently stroked up and down. I could tell she was experienced because her grip was PERFECT. Honestly one of the BEST SENSATIONS I've ever felt! My dick was HARD as EVER. Before long, my warm cum was spilling on Mistress Tempted's toes. The Cuban cutie released her grip on my dick and showed the camera her CUM COVERED TOES.


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