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Mandy, Brittany, & Sofia

Mandy (right 🐾8), Brittany (right 🐾 9), and Sofia (middle 🐾 7) were enjoying their lunch on this beautiful Sunday afternoon when I invited myself to their table, sat down, and started a conversation with the girls. I could tell they weren't Floridians just by their style and personalites. Soon, I turned the conversation to their feet. "So are you taking a class for this or are you just OBSESSED with FEET???" Asked Brittany. I told her "I'm not taking a class, I'm building a portfolio!" That was all they needed to hear to become America's next top SPONTANEOUS PUBLIC FOOT MODELS!

Mandy was the first to show off her size 8 feet! The Brunette beauty seemed EAGER to bare her soles. "You want me to take my shoes off?" She asked before I even told her to. Mandy's shoot set the tone. I thought I was going to get pictures of ONLY her feet BUT Brittany and Sofia saw how much FUN their friend was having so they felt at ease. "You got this girl!" They cheered as the Brunette beauty modeled her feet. Next, it was Brittany's turn!

I was STOKED to see Brittany's PINK LONG SHAPELY SIZE 9 SOLES! The VOLLEYBALL HOTTIE'S feet were the SWEATIEST out of all three girls. I could SMELL them from where I was sitting! I ENJOYED the SLIGHTLY MOIST feeling of Brittany's soles when I touched her feet while moving them into different positions. The Blonde beauty's HIGH ARCHES are CAPTIVATING and so is her SMILE 😃

After a few group photos with all of the girls, AT LAST it was SEXY SOFIA'S turn! Sofia didn't hesitate to slip her sneakers off for some photos with her friends so when I told the Blonde beauty I was going to get some pictures of just her, she said "Okay." I DESIRED seeing her feet THE MOST since she was wearing SNEAKERS WITHOUT SOCKS. Remember... When I initially approached the girls, Sofia told me she WAS NOT going to take her shoes off. Five minutes later she's SMILING while showing me her GORGEOUS PINK SIZE 7 SOLES! Just LOOK at those SOFT MOUTH WATERING SOLES! I Am GRATEFUL that Sofia let me see her BEAUTIFUL FEET!


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