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Maia Evon

Meet Maia and her SUPER SOFT size 6 soles! Aside from having GORGEOUS feet, she has an AWESOME PERSONALITY! I reached out to Maia via social media and told her about my shoots and the content I wanted to create with her. She responded the next day and we set up a session for that weekend. When she showed up to the studio, positive vibes were flowing between us IMMEDIATELY! Oh yeah, she brought her BOYFRIEND along with her too!!! I didn’t find that out until THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE she arrived. He’s a cool guy so there were no problems or insecurities during our shoot. He stayed completely out of the way while Maia and I worked. I prefer girls come to my shoot ALONE. Nonetheless, HE was the reason SHE was there in the FIRST PLACE. Back to the story..............................................................

Maia wore her 3 YEAR OLD converse sneakers WITHOUT SOCKS. The sight of her bare feet in shoes without socks gave me an INSTANT BONER so we jumped into the shoot RIGHT AWAY! After she slipped off her sneakers, those SOFT PINK SOLES had me MESMERIZED! I COULD NOT STOP LOOKING AT HER FEET! I was SO HOOKED that instead of waiting until the end of her interview, I smelled her feet minutes after she took her shoes off which made her laugh. Her soles had a pleasant cheese scent that I enjoyed. Although she has foot fetish experience, Maia’s interview is SPECIAL because this is her FIRST TIME answering questions about her smelly feet. The stylish hottie WARNED me about how TICKLISH she was before I even asked her. When my fingernails started grazing her soles, she giggled. Then I started tickling her faster and she laughed out LOUD!

I told Maia from the start that I desired a foot smelling hand job. When she agreed and sent pictures of her feet to my phone, I NEARLY FAINTED at the thought of being under her SOFT SWEATY SOLES while she GENTLY STROKED MY DICK WITH HER DELICATE HANDS. I knew from THAT MOMENT I WOULDN'T LAST LONG AT ALL. I didn't care if I came fast, that's what I WANTED so I could show Maia how AMAZING her hands felt and how LUCKY I was to be under her feet! While recording "Sole Sniffer", I was envisioning her small soft manicured hands stroking my throbbing dick while my face was under her sweaty soles. And the way she was ordering me to smell her feet made me HORNY AS FVCK!!! Needless to say, I was ready for her to feel my PASSION JUICE! I had Maia change clothes while I anxiously set up the cameras. Before we started, she asked "How long will this be?" I answered "That depends on how long I last and how good you are." LOL! Once the cameras were rolling, we got into the position, she poured lube on my dick then started stroking. I was ROCK HARD in less than 10 SECONDS! Her SWEATY TOES SMOTHERED MY NOSE while she SOFTLY DEMANDED that I smell her soles. I had NO CONTROL of my dick's sensation. Then she GENTLY just stroked the shaft. It felt SO GOOD that ONLY AFTER A MINUTE, I couldn't handle her MAGICAL TOUCH and EXPLODED ALL OVER HER HANDS. ONE OF MY FAVORITE FOOT SMELLING HANDJOBS TO THIS DAY. Maia smiled, KNOWING how good she made me feel.

Maia’s sexuality went THROUGH THE ROOF after she made me let loose in her hands in ONLY A MINUTE. I owed her BIG TIME so in this clip, I give her a WELL DESERVED foot massage with Aloe Vera lotion. Soon after I’m working my fingers into her soles, Maia compliments my skills, relieved to FINALLY be getting a REAL FOOT MASSAGE. We keep a light conversation talking about TV shows and astrology…Lol! What I was REALLY thinking in my head is how bad I wanted to CUM ON HER SOFT PINK SOLES so without warning I pull my dick out and start jerking off. Although she was COMPLETELY UNAWARE of my intentions, Maia didn’t mind me SLIGHTLY altering the shoot. Not long after I’m jacking off to her feet, my camera runs out of memory so I have to change my SD card…..

When I change the card and set the camera up again, Maia starts taunting me saying things like “My feet drive you so crazy you just HAVE to pull out your dick jerk off to them” and “I wanna see your cum dripping ALL OVER my soles.” She was SUCH a SASSY talker, I was getting a little NERVOUS haha. Also, the time was almost up for the shoot so I asked her to help me out and she started stroking my dick. Her GENTLE HANDS made me feel like I was going to cum again. I let her keep stroking until she stopped. Then I went back down to her feet with the good feelings she brought me and released my load unto her soles. As the cum slid down her GORGEOUS soles, Maia confidently grinned KNOWING her feet DROVE ME WILD!!!


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