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Maddy & Breanne

Maddy (red hair size 9) and Breanne (Brown hair size 7) were hanging out at the park downtown while on a break from class when I approached the girls and complimented Breanne's style. She had on flip flops so I took the conversation to her feet and asked to feature her in the portfolio. "Sure!" Said the Brunette beauty. "Awesome! Would you like to be a part of it as well?" I turned to Maddy who was silent during my brief conversation with Breanne. "Yes." Said the red haired cutie almost immediately. I soon found out how photogenic Maddy and Breanne were during their first SPONTANEOUS PUBLIC FOOT SHOOT!

I couldn't help myself near the end of the shoot and told the girls I would be SNIFFING BOTH OF THEIR SOLES! They were COMPLETELY CAUGHT OFF GUARD. "Oh my GOD, NO!" Maddy tried to protest. I could already smell her SWEATY FEET from a close distance since she wore vans without socks so my nose was BEGGING for a whiff. She gave in and shortly after, her STINKY TOES WERE ON MY FACE and my boner that had sprung was ready to pop out of my pants! Sniffing Maddy's SWEATY feet got me EXCITED. I finished the encounter with Breanne's CREAMY soles on my nose. "Haha you're okay!" Said Maddy when I asked about her thoughts regarding their first spontaneous foot fetish shoot.


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