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Libraries are melting pots of gorgeous female feet! I recommend public libraries over universities (to avoid trespassing unless you're a student that attends the school). Make sure your approach makes sense as well. Presenting your foot shoot opportunity as a portfolio or even a minor photography project will probably do the trick. But overall, the environment is so relaxed that a lot of girls tend lower their defenses, slip their shoes off, and kick their bare feet up. You can also find girls in the aisles searching for books to borrow. Maddie and I both turned the corner at the same time and nearly bumped into each other. "Oh, hey!" I started talking to her before thinking then asked to take pictures of her size 7 feet. The Blonde beauty told me that she took good care of her toes so she wasn't insecure about them. Maddie removed her white converse sneakers and sat down, propping her socked soles on the books she was holding. Thus, her SPONTANEOUS FOOT SHOOT began!


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