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Meet Mackenzie and her SWEATY SIZE 6 SOLES STRAIGHT OUTTA FLATS!!! This GORGEOUS student was waiting for an UBER when I approached and asked to take pictures of her feet. Her EXACT response was "That's weird...OK!" I COULDN'T WAIT to see her SWEATY SOLES after she had been walking around in STINKY FLATS ALL DAY!!! After taking some photos, I started filming her SUPER SOFT SOLES while asking questions about her feet. I found out how SUPER TICKLISH she was because AS SOON as my fingers stroked her soles, she JERKED INSTANTLY! I also learned that her flats were FOUR YEARS OLD!!! That wasn't hard to believe since the INSIDES WERE ALMOST COMPLETELY WORN!

I asked Mackenzie if her feet were stinky after wearing flats all day. "Yeah, probably." She answered. THAT DID IT! MY SNIFF SENSES EXPLODED!!! I told the college hottie that I would have to see how her feet smelled. She was NOT EXPECTING THAT AT ALL! I held her sweaty foot to my face and sniffed her soles. THEY SMELLED LIKE SWEET PICKLE JUICE AND VINEGAR!!! I LOVED Mackenzie's scent SO MUCH that I sniffed her feet AGAIN later on in the clip. During her second sole sniffing, she records herself WIGGLING HER SALTY TOES ON MY NOSE. Being a down to earth girl, the gorgeous student was TOTALLY FINE with showing off her SEXY SWEATY SOLES and having her feet smelled IN PUBLIC!


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