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Luci Lovett

Meet Luci and her SEXY SWEATY size 8 soles!!! She's an adult model with an ADVENTUROUS personality whose POPULARITY is on the RISE so I had to see what all the HYPE was about. I reached out to book her, stated my intentions and we set a shoot date. The beautiful brunette arrived wearing a red tank top, tight orange leggings, and strapped sandals that showed off her NUDE polished toes. Seeing how SEXY her toes were in person nearly made me LOSE MY MIND so I asked how her feet smelled after she slipped her shoes off. She held her foot up and I took a whiff. They had a BUTTERY CHEESE SCENT with a HINT OF VINEGAR. Sniffing her feet was ALL I NEEDED to get into the mood for the rest of our shoot! During the interview, Luci shared how prior to her work she didn't know how POPULAR the foot fetish is, how much she LOVES FOOT MASSAGES, and how SWEATY her feet would get after 12 HOURS AT WORK WEARING FLATS!!! Near the end of the interview, I smell her feet while she holds the camera. I then catch her by SURPRISE when I SUDDENLY TICKLE her SENSITIVE SOLES.

Before recording “Luci’s Sole Sniffer” we JUMPED RIGHT INTO the hand job scene…LOL! Well, after we took a few NUDE photos. Her SEXUALITY was SKY HIGH, EVEN before her clothes were off! Luci’s frame is gorgeous with a slim stomach and an ASS like a STRIPPER. I was ROCK HARD just taking pictures of her. After setting the cameras up, we were ready for action.

Once I was under her feet, she lubed my dick and started stroking. There were SEVERAL TIMES that I felt like I was going to cum because she was THAT GOOD at jerking me off. Her feet SMOTHERED MY FACE while she milked my BBC. It seemed like she was trying to make me cum fast because she was using both hands to grip me firmly so I felt how SUPER SOFT her palms were. The feeling of her SMELLY PINK SOLES on TOP of my face while she stroked my dick was too much too handle and before long I BURST in her DELICATELY GENTLE hands. Luci kept stroking me afterwards WITHOUT STOPPING, forcing me to jerk. Even after she saw me jerking, the beautiful brunette smiled and CONTINUED rubbing my ULTRA SENSITIVE dick until I had to MAKE HER STOP.


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