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Loosey Lu

Meet Loosey Lu and her SEXY size 7 feet. Loosey is a KINKY Asian MILF who’s had PLENTY of FOOT FETISH experiences. Who could blame her, those feet are ALMOST FLAWLESS! SOFT PINK SOLES, INSANELY HIGH ARCHES, CUTE flexible toes…A foot fetishist’s fantasy. I told her to wear her STINKIEST flats to our shoot, and she did! As soon as she showed up to my place, I knew we were going to hit it off well.

Foot smelling hand jobs are among my favorite clips to record. Nothing like being under a pair of beautiful smelly feet while a sexy woman gently strokes my dick. Loosey Lu knew exactly how to do that. I told her from the start that I desired a foot smelling hand job. When she shows up to my place, I immediately notice her breasts. Instant boner! I think they were bigger than Gia’s. At that point, I planned on cumming right on her titties. Of course, I complimented her on them and from that moment on, all I could think about was making a DNA mess on her chest. After taking some pics and a few vids, it was time for the foot smelling hand job. The moment I had been looking forward to the whole time. Loosey has extremely soft hands so I knew it was going to be one of the best feelings ever. We get into the position and she pours the lube on my dick. I was thinking to myself “Yes, this is it!” didn’t take long for me to get hard, since she was stroking it like a professional masseuse. As her smelly feet were on my face, I took in her feminine foot odor that she built up in her flats. They smelled perfect so I knew I probably wouldn't last long. The Asian MILF had so many techniques that I was just focusing on not cumming too fast. I hadn’t masturbated in about 7 days prior to our shoot so I was on edge while she was edging me and lightly running her fingernails up and down my dick. Then she’d gently squeeze it with both hands, making my dick pulsate. I was in paradise. I couldn’t wait for her to see my cum spurt. It felt so good that I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm so I had her sit up and hug my dick with her breasts. Moments later, my cum shot out onto her titties, almost hitting her in the face. It was a pretty big mess. After I came, she rubbed my dick across her tits, painting cum on her chest. I told her that was the fastest recorded handjob I had received and she said "Yay!". One of the BEST handjobs I've experienced. PERFECT Valentine's Day gift.


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