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Livin' It Up In Las Vegas!

Earlier this week, I visited Las Vegas for the first time. I had been planning this trip since the end of last year and was excited to experience the entertainment CAPITAL of the WORLD! As soon as my plane touched down I got into an UBER and was dropped off at my hotel, The Cosmopolitan. I knew check-in wasn't until 3pm (The time was 10 AM) but I wanted to be sure where my hotel was located. The Cosmo is AWESOME and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a room there! Once I established the location I'd be resting, I made my way down the strip. Vegas is full of LIFE. The fact that it's an oasis in the desert speaks for itself. The strip is lined with high rising 5 star hotels, tempting casinos, thirst quenching daiquiri bars, world renowned clothing stores, and famous restaurants. I hadn't eaten since 6 AM. I was hungry for food, yet I had an appetite for something else. Showgirls are the icons of Las Vegas. Beautiful women walking the streets hoping to make your time memorable. They work hard for the tips they earn with their magnetic charisma. I had a vision in my head of getting multiple showgirls to showcase their barefeet for the portfolio. It was all I could think about! Determined, I thought to myself "I'm ready!" as I walked slowly on the sidewalk through the crowds of tourists and people handing out coupons. Then I saw these two beauties walking my way. With butterflies in my stomach, I swiftly passed the girls as they greeted the group of people I was walking with. 😨 "I'm NOT ready!" I panicked. I wasn't about to let an opportunity like this pass so I turned around and caught up with them. "Why didn't you say something to us the first time?" They asked. "You noticed me?" I answered, embarrassed by my initial lack of courage.

The brief foot shoot with my first Las Vegas showgirls was a GREAT way to start the day! The sun was at its highest and brightest point. The 76 degree weather was perfect. The crowds were increasing. I explored the busy strip as time passed quickly. Soon enough it was time to eat so I stopped at Guy's Burger Joint for a meal and beer. The waitress and bartender were welcoming so I made sure to leave a good tip. Once I filled my stomach and had a tall cold drink, I felt like I was on vacation! This trip certainly wasn't a vacation because I had much more work to do but I enjoyed the feeling of being mildly inebriated whilst 2000 miles away from home. I barely drink, but I FULLY INDULGED while in Vegas. It was around 2:45 pm so I started heading to The Cosmopolitan for check-in. I was eager to see where I'd be sleeping because the room I booked looked nice online and on YouTube 😆 I was also ready to relax since I hadn't slept much the night before...I did doze off during the flight though. I was about five minutes walking distance from my hotel when I spotted two girls in police outfits taking pictures for tips. Their thigh high boots and tight stomachs made me double take. They stood on the steps talking to each other. Normally I avoid the police but I made a special "You wanna take pictures of our FEET!!!??" Okay! We can do it right here!" Said the girl on the left (🐾8.5) Both girls removed the hot boots from their feet revealing their unique socks. "Haha Oh God this is so EMBARRASSING!" Said the girl on the right (🐾5.5) as 100+ people walked by us, wondering why a random dude would be talking pictures of FEET.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a hotel that caters to the young and ambitious! It's located in the center of the strip so as soon as you step outside, you're in the middle of the action. The high rising hotel is loaded with restaurants (I recommend EggSlut and The Wooden Spoon Buffet), various shops, popular day/night clubs and has it's own casino. All in all, The Cosmopolitan is more than a hotel, it's a way of life! After checking in at the front desk, I walked into my hotel room and INSTANTLY felt at home. "This room is F@&%IN AWESOME!" Modern, spacious, and photogenic, it was everything I was looking for. I wasn't on a really high floor as I'd hoped yet the view of the Bellagio Foutains from my balcony was satisfying. And although I was practically on the strip, hardly any noise got through the walls. I was grateful. Prior to arriving in Vegas, I reached out to several women for a shoot. Bella was one of them! "That sounds great! I'm down!" She responded a week before my trip. The day after I arrived in LV, we met up. She's beautiful online but even more gorgeous in person! What's better is her optimistic nature. Yes, I was nervous when she walked into my room. I've been around beautiful women for a long time and STILL get jittery when meeting a new girl. She made me feel at ease with her warmth. "It's nice to finally meet you." I told Bella as we started our shoot.

About three hours before Bella's shoot, I ordered breakfast through room service. And it was very good! Pricey, yet WELL worth it. I felt fancy in my hotel robe as I sipped champagne while eating my mixed berries, pancakes, and bacon. You have to experience that feeling if you want to truly understand what I'm talking about. The following morning I decided to try EggSlut, a restaurant that specializes in making burgers with eggs. The line was long but moved quickly. I should have ordered two burgers because I finished my meal in about three chomps. "Dang that was good!" Said my stomach. My brain then said "SHOWGIRLS!" 15 minutes later, I was walking on the strip with my camera in one hand and a double cup filled with Stella Artois in the other, looking for my next foot models. Instead of just two girls, I desired FOUR. I've done plenty of shoots with a duo so it was time to step it up and bring more personalities on board. I found my girls! I don't remember which two I approached first yet it didn't take long to find two more girls for a Las Vegas Strip FOOT SHOOT!

I hung out at The Strip for a little longer before returning to my hotel. I had another shoot scheduled! I made sure to confirm a day before to be sure. Upon entering my room, I noticed that housekeeping stopped by while I was gone and cleaned up. "Perfect!" I exclaimed happily. Soon after, I got a text from Olga saying she was at my door. I opened it and one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls I've seen this year was standing in front of me! I could sense the gorgeous Blonde's ambition just by looking into her piercing brown eyes. Olga had on black street clothes and ankle high boots that zipped up. She looked like a hot girl you would see in a thriller/horror movie with a twisted plot! You would find out in the end that SHE was the one killing everyone all along with NO REMORSE for her actions! Olga smiled and greeted me. I welcomed her into my temporary luxurious abode. "What do you want me to wear?" She asked. "Hehe...uh...hehehe 😁😊😅" I barely remained cool. Once I snapped out of it, we decided on a nice dress she brought and started our shoot. I LOVED how natural she was at posing. I hardly had to tell her what to do! The Russian beauty takes herself COMPLETELY serious. The slight European accent that slipped out when she spoke was attractive as well. She told me she didn't notice it. I was pleased to see that Olga's beautiful size 7 feet had white polish painted on her toes. "This is going be a GREAT shoot!" I told myself.

A few hours after my shoot with Olga, it was Marie's turn. This Latina beauty will not only make heads turn, she will break necks wherever she goes! Marie was the first to answer my message about a photoshoot and the last to show up! Beautiful on the outside and inside, my time spent with Marie was EVERYTHING I wished for! Well, ALMOST everything hehe 😉. It was her first foot fetish shoot so she didn't know what to expect. When I opened the door, Marie's vibe put me at ease immediately. She smiled and walked through the door as we shook hands. The sexy señorita made herself at home while getting ready to take photos. She likes to talk! That's good because I don't talk much, especially when I meet a cute girl for the first time. Marie looked STUNNING when she put on her little black dress. I couldn't keep my eyes off her!

Vegas, it was a pleasure! The people I met made my time memorable! Even though I was alone, I was never lonely. The scenery was incredible! While walking through the city, everywhere I turned there was a BEAUTIFUL view of the mountains. It looked SO REAL that it seemed like a fake background for a movie. My hotel was AWESOME! The room was so comfortable that I didn't want to leave it. Special shout out to the gorgeous front desk clerk who checked me in and got me the room. Thank you to all of the Las Vegas strip showgirls! Also thank you Bella, Olga, and Marie. Girls, your ambition will take you to GREAT heights! I'm looking forward to returning to Las Vegas in the near future.


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