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Lava Girl

I have many strengths. My determination is one of them. My persistence is another. I also have a few weaknesses; girls who practice pilates and girls who wear Birkenstocks. This one does BOTH. Her nickname is Lava Girl (Her cool hair has a lot to do with that). Aside from LG's natural beauty, the pilates instructor's overall vibe made me feel comfortable enough to ask her for pictures of her beautifully unpolished size 8 feet. "Sometimes people make fun of my shoes because Birkenstocks are seen as ugly. But I like them because they're comfy!" Lava Girl told me. It's funny how Birks get so much criticism yet they're some of the most POPULAR shoes at the moment. She was on her way to work but was kind enough to spare some time for her FIRST spontaneous foot shoot.

Once Lava Girl kicked off her Birkenstocks, I was in AWE! Her clean soles, flexible toes and curvy arches make the beautiful pilates instructor's size 8 feet NEARLY PERFECT. During LG's video interview we talked about her interests in physical activities and her sexy feet. The pilates instructor's CREAMY SOLES were driving me NUTS! LG's BEAUTIFUL feet were BEGGING my NOSE to TAKE A WHIFF. I couldn't hold my urges ANY LONGER and told her I was going to smell her feet. "Okay!" She said TOTALLY caught off guard. Lava Girl held the camera while I sniffed her soles from under her flexible toes to the bottom of her arch. She nervously looked around to see if other people were watching. The whole moment was PERFECT! I walked around with a MASSIVE BONER for the rest of the day.


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