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A few months ago I met Kitty at the bus stop. The eccentric beauty agreed to a shoot on the spot but unfortunately her bus arrived before we could get started. Well, recently I ran into her again! She almost didn't recognize me since so much time had passed. Although she was on her way to class, Kitty was happy to let me film her GORGEOUS size 9 feet STRAIGHT OUTTA FLATS! When she took off her flats, the VINEGARY scent from her SWEATY SOLES hit me INSTANTLY!

I could LITERALLY smell her toes from where I was sitting in front of her! I let her know how smelly they were and she told me that her feet were NOTORIOUSLY STINKY. Then I gave her the camera and held those CREAMY size 9s to my face for a few sniffs. Kitty has the BEST SMELLING SWEATY feet I've had on my nose in a WHILE.


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