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I decided to try some tea from a shop I always walk past while in the city. After the cashier gave me my drink, I went outside to sit down at the tables the shop had set up. While enjoying my drink and watching videos on my phone, I looked up occasionally to check out the scene around me. Across the street, I noticed a BEAUTIFUL Latina who was seated outside at a restaurant. She kept looking over at me. I know how handsome I can be at times, but this girl had to have looked in my direction at LEAST 10 times in less than 5 minutes. I remained calm and returned eye contact with her. 😇"I'll go talk to her after I finish my drink." Said the angel on my shoulder. The devil on my other shoulder then shouted 😈"FUCK THAT! GO TALK TO HER NOW!!!" I grabbed my drink and my camera then walked across the street. "What's up LA?" I started conversation with the Latina cutie. I called her that because of the hat she wore. "Hey" She smiled. I noticed she had on Birkenstock type sandals and NATURAL TOES. She had the most GORGEOUS feet I had seen ALL DAY. "OH MY GOD!!!! I BET her SOLES are PERFECT!!!" I said in my mind. I was doing EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to remain calm as we conversed. She told me her name was Karolina. The Puerto Rican BEAUTY is FULL of GOOD VIBES and POSITIVE ENERGY. We were having a GREAT conversation when the waitress came up to the table and started talking. " Oooohh you're a photographer?? Take A picture of us!" Said the waitress. "Sure!" I snapped a few pictures of her and Karolina together, then some solo shots. "WOW! They look so GOOD!!!" After she left, it was just Karolina and I at the table. I HAD to see her SOLES and was HOPING the beautiful Latina would show them to me. My d*ck was getting ROCK HARD just looking at her toes. I then told the Puerto Rican beauty I wanted to take pictures of her feet. "Really???? That's SO COOL!!! I LOVE my hands and my FEET. Just tell me what to do!!!" 🐾 8.5

Karolina has the LOOK of a SUPERMODEL and the ATTITUDE of a ROCKSTAR! That's a GREAT combination for FOOT MODEL POTENTIAL. I was SO IMPRESSED with Karol that after our public shoot I invited her to the home studio for some more modeling......................

I could tell the shoot was going well and the Puerto Rican beauty was enjoying herself. She was well aware of my foot fetish so I took our shoot a bit further and flat out told her we would be recording a clip of me smelling her feet. I could NOT WAIT for the LONG HAIRED LATINA to WIGGLE HER TOES ON MY NOSE! Karolina let me smell every inch of her SOFT SWEATY SLENDER SOLES. I was in HEAVEN while she was playfully wiggling her toes on my nose. MY DICK was HARD AS A ROCK. The Puerto Rican HOTTIE was making my WILDEST fantasies come TRUE! I decided to push my GOOD LUCK even further.................................................................................................

Not only was Karolina a FOOTJOB VIRGIN, she was a FOOT FETISH VIRGIN so the entire shoot was NEW to her. Everything was happening so fast and before she knew it, I was talking to her about FOOTJOBS while treating her to a foot massage. "I don't know if I would feel comfortable doing that right now. Give me some time and I'll open up to it!' Said Karolina. She sounded sure of herself so I backed off a little. After a few more minutes and some more foot rubbing, I tried my luck again. This time she said "I can feel your BONER on my feet. If I gave you a footjob, would it help you sleep tonight?" My heart started RACING. It was actually going to happen! Quickly I said "Yes, I would sleep like a baby." She smiled. Before she could change her mind, I whipped out my STIFF DICK and put it between her HIGH ARCHES. That moment was probably the HARDEST I have been from any footjob next to my rod being between Jen's LONG TOES. I think it was the SHOCK of Karolina giving me a footjob that excited me the MOST. Then I had the Puerto Rican beauty lay on her stomach and hug my dick with her soles while stroking up and down. BINGO! The PERFECT position for her. Feeling her FOOTJOB VIRGIN soles was a gift from God and before long, I EXPLODED like a GEYSER. When I asked her how she felt giving a footjob, she said "All she cared about was satisfying you." Job well done, Karolina!


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