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Meet Jennifer and her LONG SIZE 11 SOLES!!! One day in early January, I reached out to her online regarding a shoot. She replied the next day and we went over details. After exchanging phone numbers, she called then we had a brief conversation. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm a shoot due to our conflicting schedules. MONTHS went by and then one day OUT OF NOWHERE, I sent her a text about shooting. She replied THAT SAME DAY and we set a shoot for that weekend. SUCCESS!!!

Jennifer knew this was a foot shoot, but she DIDN'T know it was a FOOT FETISH SHOOT! When she arrived at the studio, one of the FIRST questions Jennifer asked was what the shoot was for. I told her it was a FOOT FETISH SHOOT. She was okay with it! Of course, I was paying her as well so that probably helped me out...LOL! During her interview, Jennifer showed off her LONG SOFT SLENDER SOLES while sharing her personal opinion about feet. She LOVES FOOT MASSAGES, WEARS SANDALS ALL OF THE TIME, AND IS EXTREMELY TICKLISH!!! Prior to me tickling her, she had NO IDEA how SENSITIVE her feet were! But once my fingernails started QUICKLY STROKING her soft soles, she BURST OUT LAUGHING! We finished Jennifer's interview off with a SURPRISE FOOT SMELLING. Since she wore sandals to the shoot, they weren't SUPER STINKY ALTHOUGH I enjoyed the CHEESY SCENT of her soles as she wiggled her LONG FLEXIBLE TOES on my nose.

Before the Blonde Beauty even showed up to the studio, I KNEW our shoot was going to be EPIC! I just had a GOOD FEELING about something, ya know? After we finished recording her "Sole Sniffer" scene, I asked Jennifer to help me with another foot fetish video that involved me cumming on her soles and before she realized it, HER SEXY TOES WERE STROKING MY BIG BLACK DICK! The fact that she was RELUCTANTLY DOING IT made it 10X BETTER!!! SOMEHOW this GORGEOUS VOLLEYBALL PLAYER with BEAUTIFUL SIZE 11 SOLES went from answering simple questions about her feet to GIVING HER FIRST FOOTJOB!!! Then I had Jen lay face down while her feet gripped and stroked my dick with her SUPER SOFT arches. ONE OF THE BEST SENSATIONS EVER!!! Her feet felt SO GOOD, my precum was OOZING ONTO HER SOLES. I WANTED TO RELEASE MY LOAD ON HER SOLES SOOO BAD TO SHOW HER HOW LUCKY I WAS TO FEEL HER SOLES!!! I fucked her arches for a few minutes then before I knew it, I was running out of TIME on the camera and she was running out of PATIENCE so I had Jennifer hold her soles up and I LET HER SLENDER SOLES FEEL MY THROBBING ROD'S JUICE!


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