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Jaida is an aspiring model who does NOT like her feet AT ALL...Lol! When I reached out to the Latina beauty she responded the same day. I told her about my foot fetish over the phone and we set up a shoot at the park. Jaida arrived wearing an everyday outfit with gladiator sandals on her feet which showed off her natural toes and foot tattoo 👣 7

Our shoot was great! The weather was perfect for being outside. During her interview, the aspiring model explains how she feels about her feet while wiggling her sexy toes in front of the camera. Her soft soles had me mesmerized during the entire shoot. The only thought on my mind during our session was how they smelled. Seeing those sweaty soft soles rubbing against each other while she talked in a slightly sensual Northern Latina accent drove me insane! I was about to completely lose my mind so I did a sniff test, placing my nose directly under her wiggling toes. They were a lot smellier than I expected! My instant boner almost jumped out of my pants.


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