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Ivy Secret

Ivy and her SIZE 11 feet drove me ABSOLUTELY WILD during our shoot from START to FINISH!!! Those LONG SOLES AND TOES made me HOT as soon as the red haired beauty slipped her sneakers off! I reached out to Ivy over a month ago because she looked like a lot of fun, and I couldn't be more right about that! At the time I first made contact, she told me when she would be in town since we live in two different cities. Once we scheduled a shoot, I was counting down the days! I was EAGER to get up close and personal with her BIG feet! I knew the long legged model was about her business when she showed up on time! In this clip, Ivy Secret tells me how she went from being TEASED about her LONG feet to people lining up to WORSHIP her feet at parties! Of course, I couldn't resist taking a few whiffs of her SWEATY PALE SOLES. Once I did that, not even an antidote could cure me from my OBSESSION with Ivy's LONG SIZE 11 FEET!

My rod was THROBBING as soon as Ivy removed her sneakers, revealing the red haired beauty's LONG SLENDER SOLES and TOES. I was ANXIOUS for her to relieve me of the built up SEXUAL TENSION in my dick. In this clip, Ivy strokes my BBC while I sniff her SWEATY SOLES. I'm literally in PARADISE! I tell her how good it feels and I can't help but MOAN like a porn star! Wait, I am a porn star, right? She chuckles and says "My long fingers feel good?" When she said that, I ALMOST CAME but I was able to control myself. Ivy's sexuality was INTENSE and THAT'S what made my dick TALL and STIFF the whole time as the red haired beauty gently caressed my rod. I honestly wanted to be under her feet ALL DAY. Yes, it felt THAT PHENOMENAL. Before long, her SOFT PALMS and LONG FINGERS made ejaculate. I came so much that I got some cum on her beautiful long toned legs "Oops!" She smirked after I made a mess on her.

As Ivy was packing up her stuff and getting ready to leave, watching her walk around barefoot made my dick hard. I couldn't resist the thoughts of her HIGH ARCHES gripping my dick creeping into my mind. Those LONG SOLES around my BBC was all I could think about! "Fuuck..." I thought to myself as I grew weak for Ivy's feet. She had places to go and was running late so I had a limited amount of time to make something happen. I offered her a foot massage. "Okay! Anytime I'm getting my feet rubbed is good for me!" Said the long legged beauty. While giving her a massage, I kept a light convo with Ivy while dirty thoughts plagued my mind. My camera shut down due to the battery being exhausted so like a ninja, I whipped out my phone and continued recording. I then told her that no massage is complete without her "sole cumming" and had her lay on her stomach. My dick grew HARD as she didn't resist and did what I told her even though she had to go. Once her arches gripped my rod, I was INSTANTLY EXCITED. Her LONG SIZE 11 SOLES made my BBC look SMALL. Once again, I was in PARADISE as she wiggled her soles on my dick. The experience was such a SENSORY OVERLOAD that it didn't take long for me to cum on her SLENDER HIGH ARCHES. No need for me to jack off, Ivy's feet were more than enough pleasure as her soles brought the passion juice out of my BBC.


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