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How I Do It

I've received numerous emails from fellow footographers asking me how I get girls to model their feet for me. I've gotten so many questions that I came up with the remarkable idea of putting together foot fetish self help material for those interested in the art of footography. I'll be sharing what I know and use, so there is no 100% guarantee that this will work for everyone. I'm a lifelong student myself constantly learning new things everyday. It really is an honor that people come to me for advice. Below is an excerpt from an email I replied to. I will discuss more of this later, but this specific piece is important. Here's a portion of what I wrote to one of my fellows:

"Let's say you're out shopping or downtown and you see a girl you like / want to shoot with. Find something that catches your eye. Maybe it's her style? Her hair? Her shoes? Or maybe she just seems like a cool person because you get a good vibe from her. Whatever it is, say the first thing that comes to your mind. A simple compliment can go a long way. You can start with Hi, hey, hello, what's up etc... follow that up with a simple compliment then transition to her shoes and feet or just go straight to complimenting her feet/ shoes so you can start sending energy that way. Just think positive while you do it rather than thinking you sound creepy. Think good thoughts. Embrace your desires and let them seep through your pores. That brings me to my next point...LOOKS MATTER! Oh yeah, and BODY LANGUAGE IS MORE THAN 70% OF YOUR COMMUNICATION. You may think I'm crazy for the CAPS, but those points MUST be emphasized. Relax your face, smile a little. Work on your posture. At the very least when you walk keep your head up and your back straight at all times. Don't exaggerate it. Look up videos on YouTube about how to walk. For real, most men don't pay attention to their walk or posture, don't be most men. You're probably not. Anyway yes dress cool and PLEASE KEEP YOUR HYGIENE 100% AT ALL TIMES. You're talking to WOMEN. The last thing you want to have is booty breath and onion pits. Take showers DAILY and wear cologne when you go out to game. Brush your teeth TWICE or more a day. FLOSS EVERYDAY. Eat healthy, work out. Stay hydrated. Drink water like a fish..."


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