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"Wow! Who's THAT girl!!??" I said to myself anxiously as Elisa walked my way. She was EASILY the HOTTEST girl I saw that day. Just laying eyes on the Colombian beauty nearly drove me crazy! She looked like a fitness model with her black tank top and leggings. Her white converse sneakers were the ICING on the cake. I was calm when I walked up to her. Elisa took her ear buds out and we started talking about her style. Soon, the conversation went to her shoes. "You like these old things? Haha!" I stumbled over my words a bit because I was thinking too much about how much I REALLY desired taking pictures of Elisa. She is a BOMBSHELL that would make a lot of men scared to even talk to her. To my delight, the Latina hottie with the gorgeous body agreed to her size 7 feet being in a PUBLIC shoot!


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