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After leaving my night job I stopped by the store to get a few things. As I pulled into the parking lot, a long legged girl with brown hair got out of her car and walked into the store. "Oh my God... What a beauty! I wonder how her feet look?" 😊 I said anxiously with no plans of approaching her. Once inside, I grabbed some groceries then made my way to the arts and crafts aisle and there SHE was again. "Oh $%@#!!!" I was wearing my average work clothes and probably looked tired in the face BUT suddenly I was in the mood to have a SPONTANEOUS foot shoot with the beautiful beauty the MOMENT I saw her in the aisle. After taking a deep breath to calm my hysterical nerves, I walked up to the psychology student and started a conversation about her white sneakers. She smiled nervously, wondering why a RANDOM guy like me was complimenting her shoes. She spoke with a moderate Latina accent. "I'm Ecuadorian!" The Spanish beauty told me. When I asked to take pictures of her bare feet, she was reluctant. "Oh, I'm not comfortable with my feet on the floor." I DESPERATELY wanted to see her toes and soles. "Here's what I want to do..." I showed Ecuador my IG page. "Wow! Hahaha! That's... different." She giggled. I was sure she would still be too shy to take her socks off even after seeing the multitude of random women like her that I approached. I asked Ecuador again, expecting the Spanish Senorita to politely pass up the opportunity. She thought for a second then said "Ummm... okay, why not? You already got me to take my shoes off." 😱🤯 Once I heard that my VISION WENT BLURRY and my body got 1000 DEGREES WARMER. My blood vessels PUMPED FASTER and my skin grew COLD. "She's DOING it!" My mind said as the long haired Latina slowly pulled the socks off her PHENOMENAL size 8 feet. 🤪🤪🤪 I ALMOST FELL OVER at the sight of Ecuador's HEAVENLY SOLES!


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