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Meet Cyndi... A Cuban cutie with gorgeous size 9 feet. She's no stranger to trying new things, so this foot fetish shoot was almost nothing to her. She had not done a session like this before but was such a natural at everything I had her do. A total sweetheart! She came to the shoot wearing some brown flats (something I requested). As soon as her shoes came off I lost my usually calm demeanor and patience. I couldn't help myself and had to smell them before we even started recording. I said "How do your feet smell? Normally I wait until the interview to do this, but it's driving me crazy and I have to know how they smell". She said they don't usually smell bad. I had to see for myself so I put her long, soft size 9 feet to my face and stuck my nose between her unpainted toes. Instant boner! She was right. They didn't stink but had a semi sweaty smell to them. At that point, I was very much looking forward to some foot worship! Look at her photos on the Pictures page. Also, check out her videos on the TV page.


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