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After several successful approaches, I was ready to call it a day. That was UNTIL Courtney caught my eye. The corporate outfit she had on made her look SUPER professional. I was a little anxious because she look both GORGEOUS and SMART so in the back of my mind I was like "She ain't gonna go for a foot shoot bro!" It also looked like she was on her phone while waiting for a ride so I didn't know how much time I had BUT my DESIRE FOR SUCCESS was GREATER than my FEAR OF REGRET so I SILENCED the monkey chatter in my head and walked up to the Blonde beauty. She was EXTREMELY receptive to me complimenting her feet, flashing me the most BEAUTIFUL SMILE I'd seen ALL DAY. Courtney then asked "What are you selling? You tell me then I'll tell you what I'm selling." She was making it EASY for me so I told her "I'll get to the point, I'd like to take some pictures of your feet." She said "Ok, now let me tell you why I'm here.." Courtney gave me a flyer then proceeded to tell me about new luxury condominiums being built. They looked nice in the picture so I'm sure they were even BETTER in person. Then after she was done talking, the Blonde beauty's PUBLIC FOOT SHOOT started.

During our shoot, Courtney asked if I had a foot fetish. It's like EVERY girl has been asking me that lately. I like it, that way I can say and do what I want without it being too much of a surprise. Honesty is the best policy in my opinion. "You can tell me because I've seen EVERYTHING at this point." The Blonde beauty said. "Yes, I do have a foot fetish" I replied. She just smiled and kept letting me take pictures. I LOVED the way her soles looked when she took her shoes off. It was a HOT day and her pink soles looked SOFT & SWEATY. Courtney told me she was VERY TICKLISH and she wasn't lying! As soon as my fingers caressed her soles, the Blonde beauty GIGGLED and jerked her feet away IMMEDIATELY. I couldn't wait ANY LONGER and DESIRED her soles ON MY NOSE! When it was time to sniff Courtney's feet, I asked her if they were smelly and she said "You tell me!" I held the Blonde beauty's feet to my face and took a whiff. Her size 7.5 PINK SOLES had PLEASANT scent of SEA SALT & VINEGAR mixed with CHEETOS!!!


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