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Meet Corinne and her STINKY size 7.5 SOLES!!! The Blonde beauty just finished working out and was running some errands when I saw her walking by me as I sat on a bench. Corinne felt good enough about her feet to take her shoes off in PUBLIC while I took photos. The Blonde beauty's socks were SOAKED in foot sweat. Corinne's reaction seeing to her DIRTY SWEATY STINKY socks was PURE GOLD! She looked EMBARRASSED and DISGUSTED at the sight of her feet after removing her sneakers. I, on the other hand was COMPLETELY TURNED ON. I was looking forward to seeing Corinne's SWEATY BARE SOLES. Quickly I told the beautiful Blonde to take off her socks and at last, her STINKY PINK SOLES were revealed!

After Corinne's brief photo shoot we started recording her interview where the blue eyed beauty revealed to me her experience in ballet. I had a hard time controlling myself while recording Corinne's feet. My nose was BEGGING to sniff her soles. When I asked if her feet smelled she responded "Yeah, right now!" That answer was all I needed to make my move. I then told her I was going to sniff her soles. "Oh no!!! They smell SO BAD!!!" Corinne told me as she pulled her feet away. After a little more resistance, the Blonde beauty gave in to my request and 20 seconds later, her SUPER STINKY SOLES WERE ON MY FACE.


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