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Meet Chelsea and her SMOOTH PINK SIZE 8 SOLES! When I saw her shopping at Wal Mart, I walked up to the caramel skin toned beauty IMMEDIATELY. After I complimented her feet, she said "Why do I feel like I'm about to be in a FOOT FETISH video?" I answered, "Wow! You must have ESPN!" LOL! We did a spontaneous foot shoot on the spot in the shoe section of the supermarket. It turned out that Chelsea had done some fetish modeling before! I could tell because during our brief Wal Mart shoot, she was TOTALLY COOL with me SMELLING and KISSING her feet.

After all of that, I wasn't about to leave our experience at just THAT. ESPECIALLY after she told me about her previous FETISH work. We exchanged numbers and set up a shoot days later. And that's how she ended up in my home studio!

During our Wal Mart encounter, Chelsea mentioned that she had NEVER done a FOOTJOB before. Both my ears and dick perked up upon hearing her say that! I wasted NO TIME telling her that I was looking forward to taking her FOOTJOB VIRGINITY and FUCKING THOSE GORGEOUS PINK SOLES!!! They were BEGGING TO BE SPLASHED BY MY BIG BLACK HOSE!!

My dick was already OOZING PRECUM after smelling and licking Chelsea's SWEATY PINK SOLES. EVERYTHING about her feet TURNED ME ON! I was EAGER to feel her ARCHES TIGHTLY WRAPPED AROUND MY THROBBING ROD. But FIRST, I had to see how SKILLED her LONG FINGERS were. I laid down on my back and put her feet to my face. While I licked her soles, Chelsea pulled my HARD BLACK DICK out of my boxers and gently STROKED it with both hands. I couldn't have gotten any more STIFF!! She was doing EVERYTHING right! She would occasionally tease me by lightly tracing the head of my dick while BEAUTIFULLY smiling at me, almost making me GIVE IN and release my sperm on her feminine fingers. Oh my goodness it felt INCREDIBLE!!! I wonder how far she would have made me shoot if I would have cum in her hands?

After lasting the first round in Chelsea's palms, I got up and told the FJ VIRGIN to oil her soles while I grabbed the camera. Then I slid my dick between her toes and gave her some sole slaps. It was time for a toe job! The caramel cutie gripped my rod with her toes and stroked up and down. Just the feeling of HER TOES STROKING my DICK was ENOUGH to keep me ROCK HARD. We had more work to do so I had her face me and grab my STIFF ROD with her arches and go up and down. This was getting BETTER BY THE MOMENT.

I was ready to feel her ALL OF HER SOLES so I told Chelsea to rub them on my dick as if she was trying to rub something off her feet. My dick was SO HARD the WHOLE TIME during the ENTIRE FOOTJOB. Although it was her first time, Chelsea was doing GREAT! Her feet were MADE for FOOTJOBS!

AT LAST it was time for the caramel cutie's SOLEJOB! I told Chelsea to lay on her stomach and hug my dick with her SOFT PINK ARCHES. Seeing her soles on my rod was a THING OF BEAUTY. She would keep a consistent speed then slow down for a bit. Her feet looked HEALTHY & MEATY from that position which made me EAGER to CUM! She would spread and curl her toes, showing off her wrinkles. I couldn't hold it ANY LONGER and SPLASHED Chelsea's BEAUTIFUL PINK SOLES!!! I let out a MOAN of satisfaction and she giggled as she felt the cum spill out on her soles!


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