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Meet Carli and her SUPER SOFT TICKLISH size 7.5 soles. I approached and complimented her sandals then asked to take pictures of her feet. She agreed without hesitation! After taking some photos, I told her we would record an interview. Once the camera was rolling, I asked Carli about her thoughts on feet and foot fetishes. She's a complete CHATTERBOX! With every question I asked, she had several answers! Her feet are EXTREMELY TICKLISH. They are SO sensitive that she could BARELY WITHSTAND 3 SECONDS OF ME TICKLING HER. She also told me about how EMBARRASSING it is that her feet REEK after 10 HOUR WORK SHIFTS. Before long, all I could think about was my NOSE being DIRECTLY UNDER her SOFT SWEATY flexible toes! Near the end of the interview, I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER and told her I had to see how her feet smelled. That caught her TOTALLY OFF GUARD! "OH NO! Are you going to SMELL them!!!???" Carli was ASTOUNDED that a RANDOM guy would want to smell her STINKY SOLES. Still, she agreed and less than 10 seconds later her SWEATY TOES were on my nose as she smiled right at me!


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