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Amethyst & Sandra

I stepped off the elevator and on to the rooftop. In front of me was a small bar where a few couples sat and conversed. To my right there was an area of long sectional couches that resembled home furniture. A fireplace encased in glass burned in the middle of the area. To the back of the rooftop lounge were three VIP tents only accessible to paying patrons. Pop music played through the speakers around the lounge. "Wow, this place is elegant. They'll like it here." I thought to myself. It was smaller than I expected yet cozy nonetheless. The bar is located by the water in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. St. Pete is merely a hop, skip and jump from where I live. The semi-crowded rooftop lounge looked like an invite-only spot where decent people met in groups to hang out. I felt no hostility, no tension...good vibes only. After checking out the view of the city from a table by the edge of the roof, I sat down at the bar while the Travis Scott song "Highest In The Room" played. "What's up man, what can I get for you?" Said the guy who was bartending. I ordered some food then my phone vibrated. A text message from Amethyst read "My friend is running late I’m sorry" 😳 Butterflies started flapping their wings in my stomach as I replied "Take your time." Amethyst (right) is a local foot model that I invited to the bar for a shoot. I told her to bring a friend. Seeing how upscale the bar was, I was SUPER nervous about how the people there would react or if we would be told to leave during our shoot. I did my best to remain optimistic. 10 minutes later, my phone vibrated again. "Here" Amethyst text me. 🤯🤯🤯 MY NERVES WENT THROUGH THE ROOF. I quickly finished my food then took the elevator down to the first floor. Once the doors opened I recognized Amethyst immediately. The black haired beauty was more gorgeous in person. She was waiting with her friend, Sandra (left) who was beautiful as well. "Nice to meet you." I told the girls as we made our way to the rooftop. We sat down at a couch. "You both look nice." I complimented them. After some banter, I worked up the courage to finally start taking pictures. "I'm ready when you are." Said Amethyst.


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