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Meet Alexandria and her GORGEOUS size 6.5 PINK SOLES. While I was downtown looking for spontaneous foot models, I sat down on a bench to rest for a little while. About 10 minutes later, Alex was about to walk by me when I complimented her shoes. "Can I get a picture of them?" I asked the Blonde beauty. "Sure!" She said. I then asked her to be a part of the barefoot portfolio. "I have to take care of some business but if you're still here when I come back this way, we can do it!" She answered. I decided to stay put although I wasn't sure if she was being truthful or not. After about 20 minutes I became doubtful that Alexandria and I would meet again. "Just wait a LITTLE longer." I told myself. 15 minutes later, the Blonde beauty appeared and thus began her PUBLIC FOOT SHOOT! "I've ALWAYS wanted to be a FOOT MODEL!" Alex cheered.


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