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Meet Aiyana and her SWEATY PINK SIZE 7 SOLES! She was taking a simple stroll through the park when we bumped into each other. After complimenting her feet, I asked to take pictures of her feet and before she knew it, this beauty was having her SLENDER PINK SOLES filmed!

During her interview, Aiyana shared her opinions about the BEAUTIFUL feet she was blessed with while I wondered how SMELLY they were. I couldn't just sit there while her SEXY SLENDER SOLES WERE BEGGING TO BE SNIFFED! After briefly tickling her, I asked if her feet stink. "Sometimes!" She answered with a gorgeous smile. Hearing her say that was ALL I NEEDED as a reason to SMELL HER FEET! She was SO SHOCKED when I said I was going to sniff her soles that she COULDN'T EVEN UTTER A WORD. Slowly, I held her SWEATY SLENDER PINK SOLES to my face and stuck my nose between her toes. Then I gave her the camera to catch me taking a few more sniffs. They had a SHARP CHEDDAR CHEESE SMELL that HOOKED ME INSTANTLY! Smelling Aiyana's feet on such short notice was probably too shocking for the brown haired beauty so she told me that it was time for her to get going. We parted ways soon after. It WAS AWESOME SMELLING THIS BEAUTY'S STINKY SOLES ON SUCH A HOT DAY!


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